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Get Free Ethical Hacking Resources, programming courses and free eBooks

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Last update: Aug 02, 2023

Here I will add Ethical Hacking resources for free. In resources, you will get Free Hacking software, Hacking courses, and programming courses to master your coding skills, also I will add free eBooks for ethical hacking and specially kali Linux training.

Free Ethical Hacking resources for beginners

If you want to request any software, eBook & course then please text me on my Instagram profile. Also, you can follow me if you want because I will share my all-important hacking updates on my profile and Instagram stories and when I see a new follower on my account then it just motivates 😍 me and I create more videos on YouTube related to the Ethical Hacking tutorial.

Free Ethical hacking resources

Software NameDownload LinkMode (Free/Paid)
Kali LinuxDownload latest versionFree
Kali Linux for androidDownload latest versionFree
ParrotOSDownload latest versionFree
NMAPDownload latest versionFree
Virtual BoxDownload latest versionFree
Burp SuiteDownload latest versionFree/Paid (Both)
HashcatDownload latest versionFree
SQLMapDownload latest versionFree
Tools Name (New added)Download LinkMode (Free/Paid)
TruffleHog v3Download latest versionFree
PacketStreamerDownload latest versionFree
GhostTouchDownload latest versionFree
YARAifyDownload latest versionFree
Reaver (Wifi)Download latest versionFree
CapstoneDownload latest versionFree
WpscanDownload latest versionFree
AmassDownload latest versionFree

Top Ethical Hacking eBooks

eBook NameDownload LinkMode (Free/Paid)
How to Earn money
from Cyber Security or Ethical Hacking
Get thisFree
Kali Linux TrainingGet thisFree
OWASP Hacking Tutorial
and WebApp Protection
Get thisFree
Website Hacking by DefconGet thisFree
Hacking database
and owning systems by
Get thisFree

Programming courses for Hacking

Course NameEnrollment URLMode (Free/Paid)
Beginner PHP & MySQL TutorialGet thisFree
JavaScript Full Course – Beginner to ExpertGet thisFree
Python for BeginnersGet thisFree
Python complete tutorialGet thisFree
SQL FoundationsGet thisFree

Ethical Hacking / Cyber security courses

Course NameEnrollment URLMode (Free/Paid)
Cybersecurity Basics by IBMGet thisFree
Cybersecurity FundamentalsGet thisFree
Hacking Academy: How to Monitor & Intercept Transmitted DataGet thisFree
Free CS and Ethical Hacking courses (Collection)Get thisFree

I will add more Software, eBook & courses for free, so stay connected with me using my Instagram. @thehackersday

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