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A Beginners Guide on Ethical Hacking Roadmap

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There is more concern about security now than there was before businesses began using online platforms for data storage, operations, and even sales. The hackers are constantly searching for a weak network where they can peek in and successfully carry out their plans to steal data. Therefore, businesses need ethical hackers or network security experts to protect the network with the help of ethical hacking.

Without the assistance of security professionals, no business would be able to benefit the most from technological advancements.

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So, if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in ethical hacking or cyber security, you’re in for a treat!

This article provides you with a roadmap for ethical hacking, from becoming well-versed in the subject to enrolling in a certification program and beginning your career as a hacker.

What is ethical hacking?

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “hacking” is data threats or fraud. But the word “ethical” transforms everyone’s perspective. As a result, it becomes the technological niche that enables you to evaluate a network that is owned by another person but with permission. If it’s for the right reason, you have full permission to look into networks.

Defense organizations are granted special permission to eavesdrop on foreign networks in order to spot any potential problems. To protect their networks from outside attacks, the ethical hackers employed by the IT department are also permitted to engage in ethical hacking.

To advance professionally and take advantage of the best job opportunities, professionals in the cybersecurity industry frequently enroll in the Certified Ethical Hacker training program. If you are an expert in the field, you can expect to receive competitive pay packages, and the growing demand will guarantee that your entire future is secure.

The fundamentals of ethical hacking are as follows:

  • Before using a private network for any reason, you should first obtain all necessary legal authorizations.
  • Maintain transparency regarding the project’s parameters to prevent either the hacker or the business from running afoul of the law.
  • Finding network vulnerabilities and reporting them to the appropriate authorities with suggested fixes.
  • Report any sensitive data you find in the network to the appropriate organizations. The contract terms or non-disclosure agreement must also be followed by a skilled ethical hacker.

Why Do You Want to Be an Ethical Hacker?

There are many other reasons to choose a career in ethical hacking besides the fact that it is an interesting field. Joining the ethical hacking niche may be motivated by a variety of factors. Others may prefer the challenges of this job, while some may choose it because of the alluring compensation packages. Let’s first talk about the motivations for pursuing a career in ethical hacking before moving on to the roadmap.

Growing Opportunities

Every company intends to transition to cloud networks, regardless of industry. While some people have already begun working on the cloud, more will follow suit. As a result, you should prepare for a sudden increase in job opportunities in this sector. There won’t ever be a shortage of options if you possess the level of expertise that the organizations demand.

Attractive Salary

You can anticipate earning around 10 LPA at the start of this high-paying career. Your pay will increase as you become more knowledgeable and gain practical experience. Additionally, you can anticipate receiving a ton of additional benefits if you land a job in the defense industry or other public or government organizations.

Challenging Industry

You won’t ever get bored or experience monotony at work because there will be new projects and challenges every day! Additionally, technology is constantly evolving, so you’ll need to stay on your toes if you want to keep up with the latest trends and produce the best results. So, hacking is a great option if you want to stay active and take on new challenges every day.

Job Security

In the upcoming years, demand for this industry will only increase, so choosing ethical hacking can protect your career. Businesses will always need security experts to assist them in keeping the network secure as online networks are used by businesses to improve performance.

There are countless additional benefits to choosing ethical hacking as a profession. To give every organization the best results, all you need to do is enroll in a professional certification course and become an expert in the subject. Moreover, as technology and its features are ever-changing, you should stay updated with the latest trends and keep up with the changing dynamics to prove your worth.

What is the Attraction of an Ethical Hacking Career?

People with technical backgrounds frequently choose the fascinating career of ethical hacking. With brand-new initiatives and highly secure networks to break into, the field is difficult. Therefore, a new challenge every day will maintain your interest in the job. There won’t ever be a dull or repetitive moment. Additionally, if you work for the best company, you will receive extra benefits in addition to a competitive salary.

Job security is another plus for those interested in an ethical hacking career. The demand for secure networks and cyber security is high and will continue to rise in the upcoming years. This means that if you enter the field, your job and career are secure.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker: About CEH Exam

You are now fully informed about the ethical hacking sector. Let’s talk about how to become an ethical hacker. To become a hacker, you must come from a technical background. Every professional must pass this exam before starting their career as an ethical hacker, which has its own dedicated exam.

Professionals can become certified in ethical hacking through the CEH, an industry-recognized program.

It teaches the most recent techniques to defend the network from attacks and makes professionals aware of hacker attacks and security flaws in the network. The course and exam versions are periodically updated in light of how quickly technology advances.

Thus, in order to remain competitive, experts must study new techniques. Therefore, passing this test and earning the certification is crucial if you want to become an ethical hacker.

To learn the concepts and become qualified to begin a professional career, you can enroll in a variety of online cyber security courses with certificates. Once you have the certificate, you can take advantage of the best opportunities. You will have access to the best study materials and training from qualified professionals.

Objective of CEH

CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacking. It is an exam that professionals take to learn ethical hacking practices. The exam aims to train the professionals, and the hiring organizations consider it a qualifying mark before appointing the hackers. The fundamental objectives of CEH are:

  • Establish the standards for information security and credentialing the professionals working in this field.
  • Reinforcing ethical hacking as a unique profession in the information security field.
  • Train the professionals to tackle all kinds of cyber security threats and work under the ethical standards set by the EC council.

Exam Overview

Every professional working in the field takes this exam, which is the most reputable of its kind. You will be required to select the best answer from a list of options. Every query is connected to the areas of ethical hacking, security flaws, and cyber security. It won’t be difficult for you to pass the courses if you’ve taken them seriously. 

The following are some characteristics of the CEH exam:

  • There are 125 questions in total, and to qualify for the exam, you would have to answer at least 70 percent right.
  • The total time duration of the exam is 4 hours.
  • You can apply for the exam through an online web portal, and if you pass it, you become a certified professional.
  • If you fail to clear the exam on your first attempt, you can go for the retakes. All you need to do is, send an email to the e-council manager with the scanned copy of your previous score and pay the exam fee again.
  • You must maintain the certification by renewing it every three years. It is possible by earning 120 EC council continued education credits.

It contains the fundamental details about the CEH exam. Anyone intending to take the exam should be aware of the eligibility requirements and possess this information.

Eligibility Criteria for CEH

Regardless of how fascinated, you are with this field, you must meet the eligibility requirements in order to sit for this exam. There are two ways to obtain the certification: one involves training, and the other does not require any formal education. 

The prerequisites for both of these methods are as follows:

With Training

You must participate in the official training course that has been authorized by the EC council training partners. You can enroll in online classes if you are a professional already employed in the cybersecurity sector. There are training programs where you can begin your path to becoming a certified ethical hacker at a time that suits you. You can take the CEH exam after completing the professional training.

Without Training

You should sign up for the recognized training course if you need the voucher to take the CEH exam. You need a minimum of two years of experience in the field of information security. Additionally, you would need to submit an application for the exam by covering the exam fee and demonstrating your eligibility. You receive the voucher with which you can take the exam after completing the application process. Like the KnowledgeHut certified ethical hacker training, there are numerous certified courses available. You can select the best option for you and get ready to pass the certification exam.

Role of an Ethical Hacker/Ethical Hacking

A cyber security expert who has permission to breach security systems is known as an “ethical hacker.” They closely monitor the network to make sure no unauthorized users have a chance to tamper with the data or disrupt business operations. They also have the right to hack into other networks in an effort to expose and thwart any attempts by those networks to affect them. A defense organization is an ideal example of this. They employ experts to decode other organizations’ plans so they can be ready for it. For a better understanding, the roles and duties of an ethical hacker are listed below.

  • Scanning the network thoroughly to identify any vulnerability that can give intruders a chance to enter the confidential area.
  • Prepare a strong, protective layer around the network to fail every cyber attack attempt.
  • Engaging in social engineering methodologies and using the right ones in the organizational network.
  • Legally access the foreign networks to collect the required information to create effective cyber security plans.

An ethical hacker may also take on a variety of other duties or positions. The task is to navigate the world of network security, though. If any of this appeals to you as a potential career path, consult this ethical hacking roadmap and be ready to seize the best employment opportunities.

Skills Required

Since ethical hacking falls under the umbrella of information technology, having technical training is a prerequisite for certification. It also requires the following abilities:

Basic Computer Skills

To start your journey, you must have rudimentary computer skills. The list of these skills is endless and includes operating systems, file management, database storage, MS Office, emails, and social media management. Additionally, you need to be familiar with all computer functions so that working on the device won’t make you feel alien.

Computer Networks

The ability to network is a requirement for ethical hackers. You must be well-versed in network concepts like DHCP, subnetting, host connections, and controlling how various computers are connected to one another on a single network. So, it is helpful if you have a networking background.

Coding Skills

Programming knowledge and a deeper understanding of at least one programming language are requirements for an ethical hacker. Languages like SQL, Python, C-Programming, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and a few others are important and useful for hackers. A potential hacker looking for an ethical hacking roadmap on GitHub can also use tool packages to develop their coding skills.

Hardware Knowledge

To guarantee flawless network connections, it is best to have a thorough understanding of the hardware. You should also be familiar with the various components of your computer and how to use them for security or network setup. Even though you will learn everything during the training program, having prior knowledge is a big advantage.

Database Management

An important factor in network switches is effective database management. As a result, you must learn how to organize and store databases. Develop your DBMS management abilities and get ready to manage the data while keeping it safe from outside threats.

Skills in Problem Solving

Security challenges are significant, and if you lack the ability to solve them, you might not be able to make a name for yourself in the field. Working on your problem-solving abilities will help you advance in your field.

These are the fundamental abilities that any aspirant who wants to become an expert hacker needs to have. If you don’t have these skills, you should start practicing so that you can complete your work effectively. Recognize that you can only take advantage of the best opportunities if you possess the necessary knowledge and credentials.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

A highly sought-after and fascinating area of IT, ethical hacking is advantageous to both people and businesses. The individuals benefit from attractive salary packages and job security, and the businesses hire qualified professionals to handle the security requirements. The following are some advantages of ethical hacking:

  • It helps keep the data and the network secured and safe from intruder attacks.
  • You can identify the probable risks well on time and prepare your network to avoid the risks.
  • Prepare an effective network strategy to help organizations make a smoother transition to cloud networks.
  • A professional opting for the ethical hacking profession gets job security for a lifetime as this IT field will expectedly grow in the coming future.
  • A qualified expert can expect to get attractive salary packages in this profession.

There are a ton of additional benefits of ethical hacking as well. But only if you are an expert professional or if you have hired the best hacker with a successful track record can you take advantage of all these benefits.


In the field of network or cyber security, there are countless educational opportunities. All that is necessary is a person with a track record of success. Therefore, CEH is your calling if you believe you have what it takes to be a great hacker.

We have discussed the comprehensive ethical hacking roadmap, which aims to dispel all questions and misunderstandings regarding how to become a certified ethical hacker. You can begin by enrolling in a formal training program, gaining the knowledge necessary to become an ethical hacker, and then registering for the exam. If you do your best, you will pass the exam, and there is no turning back once you do! After that, all you’d need to do is keep working on the projects and update your certification every three years to show that you’re up to date on the latest technological developments.

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