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Top 6 Programming languages to get into IT Company & IT Industry

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  • One of the most straightforward approaches to pick the best language.
  • Learn for the upcoming year 2021 is by researching into the trendy IT market.

Many people, especially students ask me to write about top programming languages and information and what programming languages they should learn. I covered up in a difficult circumstance since this is a hard question to reply. There are plenty of things that should be considered before verifying on this choice. 

Programming language to learn for Cyber Security

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Kotlin

One of the most straightforward approaches to pick the best programming language to learn for the upcoming year 2021 is by researching into the trendy IT market. 

The market will tell to you what is the best programming languages for you. We should know about the patterns and viewing the latest trend and the rise of new discovery so we can modify the canvases on which programming languages to learn, particularly in 2019 with plenty of new things coming up.

But let me tell you one this that this post did not depend exclusively on my hypothesis. I investigated and researched on a considerable measure and then I prepared these top and best 6 programming languages to learn in 2021


JavaScript is the most mainstream language as per StackOverflow’s yearly overview, with 62.5% of respondents declaring to use it.

It’s without a doubt the dominant language of the web and the development of JavaScript over the previous decade has been enormous. Why? Simply look around and check what number of web-empowered gadgets you can see. Having that at the top of the priority list, I am sure there will be no lack of JavaScript availabilities in 2021 and the future. 

JavaScript learning supports into a lot of front-end structures, for example, Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, and others, and the Node.js run-time condition, which allows you to run JavaScript on the backend with high effectiveness. 

If you love observing the aftereffects of your work in real life, for example making creative web applications, JavaScript is a smart decision for you. Have as the main priority that a vocation in JavaScript certainly assumes you ought to likewise be fine with HTML and CSS, which is essentially what site pages are made of.

Tools and applications like Apache Cordova or React Native permit using JavaScript for handy applications. It’s even likely to get into game development or desktop software and application development with projects like Electron.


Python is a universally useful language which you can discover everywhere today. You’ll see it in web applications, Desktop applications, organize servers, machine learning, media tools and that’s just the beginning. It is utilized by huge players like NASA or Google. 

Python was created by Guido van Rossum. He spent around 8 years to create Python. 

Python code is slick, meaningful, and all around well organized. Logical space isn’t only for perfection here — it decides code execution. Python-based web improvement structures like Django and Flask have been increasing its popularity. Likewise, the language is vigorously decorated with quality machine learning and data analysis libraries like Scikit-learn and Pandas. 

All in all, a career with Python are different and digging in for the long distance. It’s a suitable decision for learner programmer, as it’s high level and simple to study and enjoy.


Swift is a generally new programming language released by Apple in 2014. This is a language for creating iOS or macOS applications. It is viewed as an improvement regarding service and execution compared with Objective-C — the Swift language utilized for Apple’s iOS and macOS operating systems. 

Swift is largely supported by programmers and developers, remaining at #4 positions in the rundown of most liked languages during 2017, after to being #1 in 2015. So, if you are thinking that Should you get a profession with Swift, then you would love it for sure. 

If you want to get into mobile and smartphone application development, you should consider Swift as a high-paid employment path. To be honest for the most part, iOS applications have turned out to be more productive than Android applications.


Java is apparently the most famous programming language as 90% of the Fortune 500 organizations actively utilize it. Its popular motto “write once, run everywhere” catches one of the keys that makes Java so valuable — its great Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which makes it a cross-platform advantage. 

The stable and popular career path with Java are backend developers, Big Data engineer, systems engineer, or Android engineer. But still it is not the most “popular” language right now, Java is so strongly utilized that we can almost ensure it won’t go anyplace in the following decade and beyond. 

Along these lines, you can be certain that there are a lot of Java work positions both in your city and remotely, which can’t be said for a portion of the less mainstream languages on this rundown. Consequently, If you are happy with Java, it won’t be long until you’ll find the perfect place for yourself.


Next one on this rundown is one that will surprise you may be, which is PHP.

PHP is my favorite language. Most of the people think that it is the hard and slow language but right now in the market it is utilized everywhere you know, The greater part of the real organizations, Facebook and Twitter began PHP. 

WordPress is creating something like 90% on the web and it’s PHP. 

Like I already said, if you learn PHP, in case you’re considering a language to learn for 2019, particularly in case you’re thinking possibly turning into a professional or doing some sort of independent work just like a freelancer. You can make WordPress plugins and themes. There’s a considerable measure of advantage to that. I mean if you learn PHP, you’re continually going to have a job. You will open up an entire universe of freelancing employment in light of the fact that many people that simply have a WordPress website, they require some custom PHP work done. 


Kotlin is the new child on the platform for Android. Once more, in case you will go in the Android App development then it’s significantly better for you. It’s less difficult to use than Java and it’s fundamentally got limited Android support at this moment. It’s completely upheld in Android Studio (the Android development IDE) and there’s a considerable measure of extremely simple approaches, to begin with, Kotlin to create Android applications. 

It’s one of those ones that could become faint but it’s not looking that way. That is the reason I haven’t placed it so high up there on the rundown, however, I believe it’s a suitable one. This is something you could be independent and freelance.

If you think that I missed anything then please write down in the comment section –


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