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Top 7 Myth about Apple brand | Analysis team

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There has always in a debate between who’s privacy security is better, Windows’ or Apple’s ? Or which one is better in overall, Windows or Apple ?

Well, in this new digital world, where technology is very much needed but also our privacy has been a very big concern, the workers also have been and will be preferring Apple for working purpose. There have been various updates in the security section of MacBooks in upcoming days too as said my Tim Cook. Also there has been a few myths that revolve around Apple, some people think and some said my critics.

What are the myths that go around Apple ?

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MacOS security the same way as Window’s security

While using MacBook, do not try to think ways in which you can install the window’s security in there. Instead of that try to think what additional security tools do you need to lessen the risk of your private security being compromised on your MacBook. applications for MacBook are built in a way that it doesn’t need third party support for maintaining security in the system. It’s native solutions include an Application Firewall, Signature Verification, an antivirus solution and a malware removal application.

In order to best leverage Apple’s efforts, an enterprise should start with visibility into these built-in Apple native technologies. This evolution of thought allows the infosec and IT teams to understand the risks mitigated natively by the operating system. They can then focus efforts on identifying process and tools built to adhere to Apple’s native approaches to fill any remaining gaps in visibility and increase protection of their devices.

Additional third party tools are required

A very big misunderstanding is that Apple devices need additional installation of third party tools for encryption. It is not needed because it is already present in the device from the iOS side. It is built into the hardware. Also VPN is built into the iOS with certain MDM. Also it has biometric access to the device called secure enclave for device access, apps within it and resources.

All the apple products are provisioned by the company itself. These additional security tools and other applications become a part of the company’s security stack.

We need to bind Mac to the network

A myth that goes around is that windows is a better option for working environment and organizations. Apple continue to promote the the use of cloud and Mac. Also organizations who use mac for office work also promotes the use of cloud. As days pass, we can see what Mac has to give us from the security point of view also from its features point of view and as days pass by we can see how not just organizations but also students and also for personal use, people are preferring Mac more.

Apple is not able to do business properly anymore

There are people who think that Apple has been running out of business for 33 years now. Also there are journalists who think that Apple is one always prone to bankruptcy. Of course it is not true. These are people who try to Spread a bad name for the most recognizable company in the world. One example of this rumour is an incident that happened in 2007.

In that year, apple introduced iPhone and today iPhone is the one name that comes to every people’s mind when they think about purchasing a cellphone, even if people can’t buy it we can’t deny that it crosses our mind at least once. It is the most recognizable brand of phone in the world and will be for long time. It had 88% increase in sales in 2007. Critics said that Apple will no longer be allowed to contribute in the computer hardware business. But in 2009, apple shipped 25% more computers than its usual number.

Apple products aren’t expensive

This myth was carried on by the Apple’s public relations department and spread by Apple fans all over the world.
We all know that Apple products are costlier than most products in the world. Think it like the more quality a product gives you the more costly it will be. People who have used products of apple and other brand’s products will know the difference of it.

I personally remember when my friend showed me her first iPod and I was playing around with it, I saw how differently it shows the menu and how good it looks. And we all know how MP3 looks like. Our desire for apple products, knowing how expensive it is goes like,

“When I earn more I’ll buy at least one apple product.”

This is something that we here most of the people say or at least we know that they think this. Apple products give quality in exchange of the price they ask for.
silver MacBook between Magic Mouse, pencil, sunglasses, and iPhone
Photo by Samule Sun on Unsplash

iPad is just a larger version of iPod touch

The first thing that critics said after the launch of iPad is they are just a larger version of the iPod touch. It might look true from the surface but of course it’s not “just” a larger version of iPod. It certainly has more features than iPod. iPod is just for listening to songs or it has features related to it.

But an iPad is so much more than that. We can work there, paint, watch hd quality videos and play games and so much more. So of course it’s not just a bigger version of iPod.

According to people who know more about the facts say that they’ve observed that apple takes all their problems seriously and work hard to close the loop holes. When it comes to choosing a better device for our use, we should try to see what actually the device gives us rather than just believing the myths that go around in the market.

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