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Algorithm That Detects The Smartness Of the Human Brain

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In the modern era, technology is moving at a faster rate. Several inventions and innovative ideas are getting introduced. One such idea is an algorithm that detects the smartness of the human brain using scanning images of the brain.


Details of the Algorithm:

We all know that to measure intelligence, IQ tests are used. But recently, a group of scientists under the guidance of Ralph Adolphs discovered a machine learning tool to a predict person’s intelligence based on the patterns of brain activity. The input to this machine learning tool is data obtained from fMRI scanner. fMRI scanner detects changes in blood flow to specific regions of the brain. The algorithm or tool uses the information of brain patterns in resting state only.

So, to test the intelligence of a person, he need not solve any complex math or logical puzzles. The tool was tested on 900 participants.

Method to predict intelligence from brain scans:

The scientists have used data of 884 persons from the Human Connectome project to understand the neural connection of the brain. The data they collected include brain scans and intelligence scores of the persons.

To strengthen these scores validity they conducted 10 cognitive tests rather than just one IQ test alone.

This data was fed as input to the tool and is used to predict the intelligence scores of the people. To their surprise, the accuracy of the tool is good.

Future Scope of the algorithm:

The tool found by scientists under the guidance of Ralph Adolphs can be extended to detect mental conditions like autism, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorder.

In the future, the same tool can be extended to detect the personality from brain scans.

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